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Jeff Larson
Apr 02, 2018

Jami Baker
Mar 19, 2018

Thank you

Gabriel F
Jan 15, 2018

Sharon Sandoval
Dec 16, 2017

I am a 1st time small business owner and needless to say I had no clue who to trust with my advertising needs. Since money is tight I truly believed I could handle the social media part myself to save money. I was wrong! At least ten companies approached me promising to get my business on the map. RevLocal was not my first choice, but after gaining no results with my bad first choices I gave RevLocal a try. The Best decision I’ve made to date! It’s been 14 months with RevLocal and my business is on the map! With RevLocal it takes a village to deliver the kind of marketing needed to get the high performing results in this world of social media and the internet. My personal in town contact is Norv Bochloh. Norv not only has invaluable business and marketing experience, he is Honest, personable, dependable and diligent! He has proven that RevLocal delivers what it promises and works continuously to maintain a edge for me in this fast moving industry that is crucial to my businesses needs and it’s long term success. Carly Scarberry is my strategist and she is professional, proficient, creative and extremely reliable! I’ve had to make numerous changes to my website and she is all over it 100% if the time. Carly is such an asset to my business that I’ve nick named her Carleyrocks simply because she Rocks 24-7 365! Between Norv and Carleyrocks my team is set and they have set the bar high. I challenge any and all of the competition to try and compete! Sharon Sandoval owner of Dog E Fresh LLC.

Russ Haman
Dec 16, 2017

We have been using RevLocal's services for a little over a year, and we are really satisfied. They are timely, effective, and well worth the cost for their marketing services. Plus, they are willing to take on difficult customers on our behalf as well as take on all the other marketing sales calls that come our way. Gabe, Jessie, and team are awesome, thorough, and more than capable of helping you grow your business.

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