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Jebb Lyons
Apr 19, 2018

Kyle Torpey from Rev Local exhibits true professionalism and is passionate about helping my business thrive! He builds my visibility and credibility without having to sign a contract... b/c the results are there!

Maria Reyes
Apr 05, 2018

Kyle Tropey thanks for the services with Revlocal, I have very good results in my company.

Stephanie Pfanmiller
Apr 02, 2018

RevLocal has been a breath of fresh air for my business. I am the Marketing Director for a state-wide roofing company and many other agencies have baulked at my requests to get their arms around our data. Jeremy didn't flinch when I asked him to send me a proposal to handle my Local Search presence on Google Maps etc. + manage my reputation with review marketing + audit, create, manage my Paid Advertising on Adwords and elsewhere. Historically, we have spent over $10k for half of this workload with very questionable return. With the help of Jeremy and Greg Summy, my direct contact and Strategist, we have made a positive turn and are very excited to expand our spend with RevLocal in the future as we continue to see positive results from their efforts. Having that local voice plus that direct expert to talk about progress has made all the difference in the world for our business.

Beci Richmond Ruzek
Mar 14, 2018

Kim is absolutely wonderful to work with and truly has a passion for helping others!

Lisa M Dudinetz
Mar 01, 2018

Kim Hurt Dryer and Kimmy Trujillo are fabulous! From day one they have both connected with us personally to help our business maximize our exposure and increase visibility thus increasing revenue. Immediate responses, personalized care. These ladies are awesome!!

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